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The Power of Memetics

" Be the change you want to see. Meme your dream reality "

It's been a rather interesting adventure, getting to this point. I've had all sorts of strange shoots and artistic endeavors. Went full on hipster dippy with it. I was more tagging along with the camera.

I love going around and seeing things I'd usually have no involvement with because someone needed something photographed correctly.

I've done quite a bit of traveling over the years. I really love the high up and big open spaces. Anything with a solid view and I'm generally happy. Even picked up fire spinning along the way. Each new thing adding onto and blending in with the endeavors before it... I never stopped learning.

Truly, Lord Kek has blessed this humble meme farmer.

Thanks Chief

Howdy! The Name's

Mr. Moustachio

It's actually Marc, but that's not the important part.
First, I went to Auburn. Got me one of them there BFA diplomas.
From there, I went to The Creative Circus for Commercial Photography.
Was more "Photo/Video/Image" production by the end of it.

My time is generally split between photography and web content.


This is Myrimemetic Metamodernism.

In an era of "Cancel Culture" and the potential for a "Social Credit System" implemented across all platforms and algorithms...

Our Freedom of Expression needs to be protected more dearly than ever. 

Without that, no creative work or free throughs is possible.

Without the Jester;
The King never hears the Truth.



Atlanta, GA


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